Ashlynn Leigh
I saw your bound gangbangs scene where they cut out the piss parts. I so wish I could see that! Is that something you've done much for work or in your personal life?

I’ve done it more in my personal I usually end up having sex with freaks so it just gets to that point ;)

When was the first time you fucked? How old were you when you first blew a guy off? When did u first watch porn? BTW, ur fucking hot in all your movies favourite pornstar

I fucked when I was 12 and have been going ever since. I gave my first blow job in 9th grade.. I watched porn at a very young age but don’t remember exactly

I just saw one vid with you where you say that you have a spit fetish ... is that for real or it was just for the camera . I absolutly love girls with spit on their face and that vid was amazing . I also like your deepthroat are becoming one of my favorite. And also i saw you sad something abouth pissing in here ... is there any place where we can see that becose that would be fucking hot ?

I really do have a spitting fetish I could watch spit just rolling out of someone’s mouth down their body and get off. I love spit bubbles I love it on my face and anywhere really! I haven’t seen any of my pissing scenes I think there is something illegal about it lol

Do you pick guys up at the clubs or bars a lot? Do you ever have sex with fans? How many guys have you been with roughly?

I dont go out often but when I do, if I see a guy I want I’ll try and get him. I have not had sex with someone I knew was a fan. But I’ve fucked Over 500 most of them random

in the video of you in the tub with out make up.. you are fucking gorgeous.. you probably hear that all the time, but i still needed to say it

Thank you sweetie that was awhile ago!! Thank you for watching you’re so sweet for thinking so xoxo

Ashlynn, your TSPussyhunters shoot looks immense bar one thing - wish you were barefoot!

Next time boots off..for some reason i personally think shoes on is sexy but understand the feet thing!! I’ll keep that in mind xo

who's the first guy to ever make you squirt?

I don’t recall if the first time it happened if it was pee or squirt but it was a guy I was with before the industry it was sexy even if it was pee he loved it and would let me go all over him. I love filthy people

When will you do a BIG DP/GB scene, c'mon baby, I wana see you swallow several loads and get rocked!!!

I did a gang bang for which is intense and I did a scene for but I don’t believe it’s out yet